AirPlus rend l'ensemble de ses Company Accounts neutre en carbone.AirPlus makes all its Company Accounts carbon neutral.

AirPlus goes further in its sustainable commitments. As early as 2009, the corporate payment specialist was already a pioneer among financial services players with a completely carbon neutral payment solution, the “Green Company Accounts”. This carbon-neutral product, initially available as an option, has gradually become standard in several markets. From now on, this will be the case worldwide, with a “zero carbon” product automatically offered to AirPlus customers.

While not as environmentally impactful as airlines or car rental companies, AirPlus has taken several initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, starting with its paper consumption. ” When it comes to how travel can become more sustainable, the public usually focuses on the trip itself. (…) But companies can also make a contribution to climate protection in the payment and billing

process,” said Oliver Wagner, CEO of AirPlus International.

As a result, the entire process chain from application to billing is paperless at AirPlus. That’s 16 million sheets of paper saved per year. In addition, all CO2 emissions generated by AirPlus for the Company Accounts – electricity, water, gas… – were offset last year in partnership with the NGO myclimate. This is the equivalent of 380.4 tons of CO2 equivalent which allowed the planting of 1600 trees.

While AirPlus intends to maintain this approach in the future, the corporate payment specialist announces that other payment solutions will gradually be made CO2 neutral. In addition, the Lufthansa Group subsidiary is also highlighting another of its sustainability solutions, Green Reports, an optional CO2 reporting system that allows customers to assess the emissions caused by business travel in detail.