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You are a business traveler who has booked an airbnb apartment in London for a week. Except that five days before your departure, you receive a message that cancels this reservation. With all the time and energy it takes to find a new place to stay… Does this misadventure sound familiar to you? Normal. It seems that this type of problem is frequent according to a study made from 127,183 twitter complaints of Airbnb hosts. A careful analysis by Asher & Lyric in cooperation with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the UCCS School of Public Affairs. The study will have for two years sifted through complaints on twitter between January 1, 2015 and September 1, 2020.

The results speak for themselves. Thus, 10.4% of hosts offering accommodation cancel the reservation while 22.3% of people believe they have been confronted with a scam. Among the scams, the one of multiplying the same apartment on several rental sites and then confirming it to the person paying the highest price is the most widespread. It would constitute 41.1% of all scams.

New rules from August 22

Airbnb has therefore decided to remedy this. On August 22, the American company will implement new, more restrictive rules for cancellation. The minimum cancellation fee will be raised to $50 and the maximum fee will be up to…$1,000. The amount of the penalty will vary depending on the date of cancellation in relation to the booked stay.
– 30 days prior to arrival: 10% of the cost of the reservation.
– Less than 30 days but more than 48 hours before arrival: 25% of the cost of the reservation.
– Less than 48 hours before arrival: 50% of the cost of the reservation.

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Above all,Airbnb

hopes to drastically reduce duplicate listings of an accommodation on different sites. The penalty of $1000 (or equivalent in local currency) will certainly act as a deterrent.

Above all, this provision will give even more confidence to users of the airbnb platform.

This will

certainly help to avoid tedious new searches, which often turn out to be less favorable than the first reservation

Luc Citrinot