Air France at CDG2D in April 2022 (Photo: Luc Citrinot)

IsAir France


model in Europe in the management of its staff, and consequently of its summer schedule? Everything leads us to believe so, considering the current situation of the French airline in terms of flight planning.

Unlike other European airlines -Easyjet, British Airways, the Lufthansa group or KLM-, Air France has not yet announced any reduction in the number of its flights. It would seem that the national airline, like the French airports, has been cautious in the face of the resumption of traffic and the potential claims of the staff.

“The company’s management has anticipated the needs arising from the resumption of traffic. Since February, Air France has integrated 300 pilots, mechanics and other technical staff. It has also reinforced ground staff on fixed-term contracts at Roissy for the summer season. This should ensure passengers a service without major clashes”, explains a spokesman for Air France.

In an interview on Radio Classique, Air France CEO Anne Rigail also confirmed that cooperation with Aéroports de Paris has been optimal. “We have worked hard with ADP to ensure that boarding queues can be kept under control. Even if they are a little longer than usual,” she said

. “We have also worked with the police to activate the automatic passport verification system -PARAFE. It is now possible for eight nationalities outside the European Union to pass through these automatic stations. Our watchword is agility,” adds Anne Rigail.

Coming a little earlier to the airports

Air France confirms that 90% of its capacity

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compared to

the pre-covid period will be provided. The missing 10% concerns in particular Asia, which remains the most closed continent in the world. And this, despite the reopening of some destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore or Korea.

In her interview, Anne Rigail calls on passengers not to panic before leaving. “Passengers should only come a little earlier than usual. But not too early either. Three hours is enough for a long-haul flight”, she recommends.