Air France restricts refund conditions (Photo: LC) This is

bad news for travelers but it was predictable. Since March 1, Air France-KLM

has put an end to the total flexibility on cancellations of tickets purchased. Of course, we are not back to the conditions that existed before the pandemic. Tickets can still be modified.


France website details that whatever the reason, it is still possible to postpone a flight before the departure date without modification fees. However, if the price of the new ticket is higher, the customer must now pay the fare difference. This does not apply to group tickets or allotment fares.

For cancellations, systematic refunds are no longer offered. Instead, Air France offers a non-refundable credit note valid for one year from the date of issue for booking a new flight. Air France specifies that this credit is indeed non-refundable for any ticket purchased after March 1, 2022. The same restriction applies to all tickets purchased before February 28, 2022 for travel scheduled after July 1, 2022. The credit can be used for the purchase of multiple tickets if desired.

All refund requests will now be processed in accordance with the ticket’s fare conditions. Full-fare tickets will continue to offer a refund option. In the event of cancellation by Air France/KLM, refunds will still be made, without any penalty for the passenger.

Luc Citrinot