The long-stay brand Adagio has teamed up with Monoprix to enrich the offer to its residents by bringing a selection of the brand’s iconic products to 80 aparthotels in France. This partnership plays on the urban dimension of these two brands. At Adagio, we are located in the city center, just like Monoprix, and we share the art of living well in the city,” said Stéphanie de La Roncière, marketing, design and communications director at Adagio. What better urban experience than going to Monoprix to do an errand before coming home from work or to stroll around on the weekend?

The partnership will take two forms: first, a selection of Monoprix delicacies will be available for sale in Adagio’s Le Shop grocery stores, with the range of products on offer being expanded during the holiday season, for example at Easter, the end of the year and Valentine’s Day. In parallel, this partnership also extends to tableware. Mugs, plates and cutlery, kitchen utensils: a selection of “Maison Monoprix” products will be used in the kitchens of common areas, as part of the Le Cercle concept of convivial lobbies developed by Adagio.

In the same way, these utensils and tableware products, as well as “Maison Monoprix” decorative accessories, will enrich the furnishings of the Coliving apartments, a new concept announced by Adagio and consisting of large apartments to be shared with colleagues or family.

Arnaud Deltenre