A dream job for Copines de voyage. Created in 2016, Copines de voyage is a company dedicated to 100% female travel. The agency offers exclusive tours for small groups. In just 5 years, at least 18,000 women have traveled to the four corners of the world. From city breaks to relaxing weekends, from long stays to the end of the world, travel allows us to find the key elements of a woman’s journey.

Dream job for travel buddies

Dream job

We might as well be honest, it’s the kind of job offer we would like to see more often. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of companies prevents it. Wrongly, no doubt. But if you can’t find a lot of them, we’ve decided to tell you about these seemingly dream jobs.

Dream job abroad



numerous and there is something for everyone… But good news, we found the job that every traveler dreams of doing!

Find the job of my dreams

Copines de voyage recruits its super travel buddy

, a travel and social media addict!

Dream job ad

Her main mission? To travel. Suitcase in one hand, camera in the other, the Super Girlfriend will take off for a one year trip, all expenses paid, around the world. Meet the animals in Namibia, admire the sunset on a beach in Sri Lanka, marvel at the northern lights in Lapland or stroll through the busy streets of Ibiza

… That’s what the Super Girlfriend’s daily life will be like.

The dream job


agency is looking for a real nugget for this dream job: in love with the world, creative and connected, the lucky one must master the codes of social networks
and have a community of at least 5000 followers on Instagram

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Interesting job


opportunity can be to start a career as a seasoned traveler between luxury apartments and dream destinations. A position that we hope you will occupy on the long term. Whether you’re a guard on an island paradise, a beer tester or a fake executive for a major food brand, dream jobs have exploded in recent years.

Get your dream job


objective? To make people dream through videos, photos and interviews of girlfriends present on the trips. Make you want to

to reach a dream beach, to climb the summits of the Alps, to travel the bottom of Patagonia…

Dream job

You are conquered? Do you dream of discovering dream accommodations, traveling the pampas, surveying the islands, going from one continent to another? Then there is no doubt that this is the dream job for you. The question is asked from an early age: “What job would you like to do in the future?”

Apply for a dream job

To take part in this unique and extraordinary experience, all you have to do is submit your application on the website: www.copinesdevoyage.com. Don’t wait any longer… The closing date for recruitment is February 17.

Dream job resume

The selected applications will be communicated to the Travelling Girlfriends community, who will be able to vote for the super girlfriend of their dreams. Who hasn’t dreamed of going on an all-expenses-paid trip for a year? Make 2022 the year of your life.

How to find my dream job?

You’re wondering about your future after school. Of course you do. It’s only natural. So inevitably we all dream of having our dream job. Do you like to travel? Do you like to travel? You like to take planes and collect miles? Then no doubt, this job is for you!

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What is your ideal job?

Do you like Instagram? Are you passionate about social media communities? Then no doubt, this job is for you even though it will most certainly be stressful at times. But the pleasure of writing posts quickly, sharing entertaining content will be incalculable.

2- what is your dream job?

This is a question we ask ourselves non-stop throughout our professional lives. The idea is to find a job that corresponds to your desires. To what you like to do. Because a way of life follows from it. With this type of job, you will have a suitcase screwed to the end of the hand, the cell phone in the other but you will have the pleasure of discovering new things at every moment.

What is your dream job example?

Depending on your skills and interests, you will want to do a job related to the world of travel, ideally in a company that allows me to share and communicate. These are two important values for me, and to see that the company also attaches importance to them makes me very enthusiastic.

How to find the job of your dreams?

Identify what you want. Then have confidence in your ability to succeed. Make a plan and improve it regularly. Meet with potential employers and set up alerts to receive notifications of new jobs… Then, just respond quickly.